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Mini McQueens - 4th March 2017


Precision Shoot - 3rd December 2016

Carrot Shoot Internal Competition - 5th November 2016

Fly Shoot Internal Competition - 6th August 2016

Dartboard Match Internal Competition - 2nd July 2016

McQueens (100 Yards) Fullbore Internal Competition - June 2016

Easter Egg Shoot - 2016

Easter Shoot - 27th March 2016

Easter Shoot March 2016

A good day was had by all with the weather staying fine. There were 11 competitors some of which shot more than once. The coarse of fire was experimental but seamed to be enjoyed by everyone. The competition consisted of 5 chalk discs 24 mm dia on a black background once these were broken the scoring targets could be engaged. 15 rounds of ammo was allowed with a time limit of 15 mins. Hitting the discs proved to be more difficult than first thought this made moving to the scoring targets not so easy.

The results were as follows
1st Byron Wood. 98
2nd Pete Whomersley. 79
3rd Malcolm Dukes. 68
Thanks to all those who helped setting up and running the competition

Internal Competition Mattersey Mover - 5th March 2016

Internal Competition - 6th February 2016

Pool Bull - 9th January 2016


Precision Shoot 5th December 2015

Carrot Shoot November 2015

Bench Rest 17th October 2015

Mini McQueens 1st August 2015

Mattersey 10 - May 2015


Mattersey 10 - May 2014

Mattersey Ten Results

Easter Shoot - 19th April 2014

Full-bore winner Pete Whomersley

Small-bore winner Ruth Adams

Easter Winners 2014


Black Powder Shoot - 10th November 2012



Mattersey Bianchi and Shorts Open Competition - September



Classic Rifle Shoot - August

Iron Sight Aperture Full bore - 1st Alan Smith 2nd Dave Hall 3rd Mark Wilson
Iron Sight V/ Post Full Bore - 1st Peter Whomersley
Scoped Full Bore - 1st Alan Smith 2nd John McQue 3rd Adrian Brown 4th Malcolm Dukes
Scoped 22r/f - 1st Alan Smith
Iron Sight V/Post - 1st Mark Wilson

Mattersey Ten - May

1501 - 1500 GRSB

Shotgun Steels

Multi-Target GRSB

0701 - Timed Precision 1 GRSB